After Lockdown 2.0 – What does this mean for businesses?

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After Lockdown 2.0 – What does this mean for businesses?

Even though Lockdown 2.0 has ended, your business should still be following COVID-19 guidelines. This pandemic has been hard on all businesses, especially those who find it difficult for their employees to work from home. We understand your passion for wanting to get back in the office and work with your colleagues once again.

Keeping your workplace as safe as possible by conducting temperature testing, is essential. This is where we can help…

Get back to a covid-safe workplace

Our unique thermal technology can help your business get back to work in a covid-safe workspace. Our cameras can automatically check the temperature of anyone entering your workplace and deliver results within seconds. Meaning we can get your employees back into the office sooner than you might think.

What we have to offer

We have three types of thermal cameras available. We like to think our varied products are great for allowing businesses to choose what works for them. Of course, we are always here to assist if you are unsure what thermal camera you might need.

Wrist temperature control – Mobile, speedy.

Body temperature cameras – Quick, easy, popular.

Thermal monitoring turnstiles – Can handle quantity, quick and effective.

What are the benefits?

We like to think our thermal cameras have several benefits, but the main one is to make your life easier. Your company can save time and money. You won’t need to train a member of staff to rule out temperature checks. We’ve got the tech to do it for you. Our cameras can simplify the safety processes you currently have in place.

Simply put, we like to think of our service as ‘hassle-free’. We do the work; you see the results. We carry out many checks in our office before installation, to make sure it will not give you any problems. We also regularly monitor it after it has been installed and can train your staff to know how it operates. And on top of all of that, we install it for you!

Furthermore, our cameras are proven to offer reassurance. They demonstrate your company’s commitment to the safety of your staff/customers/visitors/residents. As a result of this, you may start to see business booming once again. This is important as ever for hospitality/entertainment industries which have had to shut in lockdowns.

To learn more about pricing or to book a demo and free trial of our Thermal Body Camera please call us on 01483 866066 or email