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Our Process – Thermal Camera Solutions

Our unique thermal camera automatically checks the temperature of anyone entering your workplace. It is quick, elegant, and easy to use. Click here to watch our video.

One of the most important phases of our process is ensuring that we can safely install our Thermal Camera Solutions at your location.

This is done through a site visit where our trained professionals take a look at your site and figure out the best ways to deliver our Thermal Camera Solutions to you.

All our professionals have passed CSCS and Citb courses so having the Green Operatives Card is a minimum requirement for any of our operatives.

This ensures that we do things the right way. There are no cutting corners in any of our processes and this firmly ensures that the solutions we provide you are backed by the expertise of our certified professionals.

Innovation is at the core of our business. Our commitment to constant research and the development of new ideas and technology keeps Thermal Camera Solutions leading the way.

Superfast. Elegant. Effective. Easy to use.

To enquire about pricing or to book a demo and free trial of The Body Thermal Camera please call me, Simon Pritchard on 01483 866066 or email

Or have a look at our website and YouTube channel.