Dentist Surgeries – A Thermal Imaging Solution

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Dentist Surgeries – A Thermal Imaging Solution

According to the British Dental Association, dental surgeries have put many precautions in place amid the first lockdown. Although the COVID and infection control strategy is dependent on the surgery, most dental surgeries require the following:

    • Visitors to sanitise their hands.
    • Social distancing
    • Wear a mask in waiting rooms.
    • Additional protective gear for dentists


It is safe to say, patients are more than used to seeing dentists wear PPE as they are very familiar with infection control protocols. As a result, this makes them better situated than others. But, the question which remains is, how can dentist surgeries reassure their patients?

How can dentist surgeries reassure their patients?

It is only natural for patients to be sceptical about going to the dentist. Close contact between dentist and patient is inevitable. So, what can surgeries do to comfort and reassure their patients?

Thermal imaging cameras could be the answer surgeries are looking for. Temperature checker devices have been on the increase over the course of the pandemic. Many workplaces & industries have found them beneficial in reassuring their staff/customers. The cameras represent a companies commitment to the safety of its staff.

Digital acceleration

In a time of crisis, technology has been driving revenue growth. Digital, automatic temperature cameras have been replacing temperature guns. Like most innovative solutions, they are quicker and more efficient. In addition, they are safer in undertaking temperature testing. They do not require a member of staff to regularly monitor or operate for instance. Thus, workplaces have found this more convenient than using a temperature gun.

Although thermal imaging cannot tell you if an individual is infected; what it can do is help you limit the risks of exposure.

Enforcing regulations (Face Coverings)

Most dentist surgeries will require their visitors to wear a mask in waiting rooms. Therefore, reminding people to put them on can sometimes be tasking and repetitive for the receptionist staff. Our automatic temperature cameras come equipped with mask detection features that can help surgeries enforce these regulations. If no mask is detected then our device will notify the individual to put one on before entering. If need be, our cameras can also be integrated with door access. These features can be adjusted to your requirements, i.e if an individual is not wearing a mask, they can not enter.

Our goals

It is simple. We want to help companies adopt an infection control strategy that will protect their workplace/staff/visitors. Whilst we specialise in automatic temperature testing, we work with partners such as PPE Medicare to surpass these aims. PPE Medicare specialises in PPE equipment and consultancy services. Your workplace can gain insight into how you can improve your environment’s protection/safety.

Alongside PPE Medicare, we also work with Dahua, who supply and manufacture all our temperature testing cameras. They are a reputable brand with years of experience providing innovative solutions. You can find out more about their services here.

In conclusion, we can help:

    • Protect your workplace.
    • Reassure your staff/visitors/customers.
    • Automate and simplify your processes.


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