Fever Detection In The Workplace

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Fever Detection In The Workplace

Why is fever detection in the workplace important?

Detecting a fever at work is crucial, it can help you improve health and safety processes and reduce the chances of an outbreak. Although our fever detecting cameras cannot detect COVID-19, what they can do is determine if you have a high viral load.

If you have a high temperature you are more likely to transmit the virus and have a high viral load (transmission is highest in the first five days of experiencing symptoms). When your viral load is higher you are more likely to spread the virus. That’s why our thermal cameras work.

What benefits can fever detection bring?

Other than the obvious of keeping your workplace safe, our automatic temperature monitoring cameras can also reassure your staff/visitors. This can increase the likelihood of going back to the office and encouraging business once more in the hospitality sectors for instance. Making our cameras very beneficial for businesses struggling during the pandemic.

Access control with mask detection

Our temperature management solutions are ideal for making your workplace as safe as possible whilst taking mundane tasks out of your staff’s hands. Access control, mask detection and facial recognition are functionalities that our cameras also have. These can help your company enforce regulations and automate current safety procedures. Speeding up entrance admissions and managing large groups more effectively.

Contactless thermal screening solution

Most important of all, our fever testing cameras are contactless and automatic. As a result, they are a safer and more efficient alternative to temperature guns.

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