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How it all works – Thermal Body Cameras

Our Thermal Body Cameras are examples of the industry-leading technology that Thermal Camera Solutions invests, develops, and innovates. But how does it all work?

When you want to improve the screening process at your workplace and the level of protection at your business, give us a call or email. From here, we can walk you through the step by step process required for us to best deal with your needs. Every business is different and getting the right solution sorted is our first priority. When we have figured out a quote, we can move forward through the next stages.

We now consider whether it is better for your business to rent or buy one of our Thermal Solutions, this takes into account training, support, and other ongoing costs. If this quote works for your site budget then we can organise a site visit to understand how and where we can install the system.

Site visits allow us to understand the dynamics of your workplace and the most effective place to install. We can then create a risk assessment and method statement to health and safety guidelines. When this is all completed, we can get the contract signed.

Now we can set-up the Thermal Solution. We test the software multiple times to ensure that it is working and able to screen those entering your business. We can also provide training so you can operate the system as well as us, and once we have installed the software we don’t just disappear. We monitor the system remotely to ensure that it is performing as expected.

If you have any questions about the system or, indeed anything, just give us a call. We’ll always be here to help, your system is covered by an onsite maintenance contract so if in the unlikely event the equipment fails then we’ll be there to sort it out. No questions asked. In short – we’ll always take responsibility if anything goes wrong.

To enquire about pricing or to book a demo and free trial of The Body Thermal Camera please call me, Simon Pritchard on 01483 866066 or email simon.pritchard@solutions.co.uk