How temperature monitoring can be useful for care homes post-covid?

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How temperature monitoring can be useful for care homes post-covid?

So we’ve all heard about the benefits of thermal imaging cameras during the covid-19 pandemic, but what makes them worth the investment in the long run? Yes, they can detect someone as having a high temperature, a symptom of covid-19, but what else can they offer? Stay tuned as we delve into how a body temperature monitoring system can benefit a care home post-covid.

Detect symptoms of ANY virus

For one, we must not forget our elder generation remain extremely vulnerable to any kind of illness. Their immune systems are not as strong as they once were. Regardless of the infection, (covid-19, flu, generic cold), it is important that your care home is doing everything possible to protect its residents. Sometimes, even a generic cold can affect an elderly person really bad.

By installing an automatic body temperature scanner, your care home can detect symptoms of an infection (a fever) early, avoiding transmission. Someone with symptoms of a virus is more likely to have a high viral load and thus are more infectious.

Stop transmission and protect your elderly.

Manage inflow of visitors

In addition to the above, installing thermal cameras for care homes can be great for managing the inflow of visitors. Our systems are integrated with door access and mask detection features, meaning that they can automate regular tasks. Pressure can be taken off reception staff and processes can be simplified. Most things are shifting online and to automatic software now anyway. Your care home can take a digital shift with our systems to save you time and improve the safety of your workplace.

Mask-wearing for cold and flu season

Mask-wearing might become the norm. There has been speculation for some time about mask-wearing post-covid. Asian countries have done it for years. In future, your care home might decide that wearing a mask should be necessary for cold and flu seasons. It would make sense after all as wearing them in the pandemic has proven useful in preventing transmission. It’s a good thing our cameras can help out with this. Using facial recognition, our thermal cameras can detect a mask and allow entry.

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