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How to Recover your Business Post-Lockdown

As the furlough scheme in the UK approaches its end, many business owners may be wondering how to recover their business back to pre-lockdown levels.

One of the most talked about ways to do this is to get employees back into the workplace but how viable is this?

Assuming that you can afford to keep on the same number of staff despite 5 months on pause, what benefits do you as an employer gain from bringing all staff back to the office?

The main argument many people use is communication, as good as Zoom and Skype meetings are how can they possibly replace human interaction? As persuasive as this argument is, one would hope that staff are well established in their roles and as such won’t need as much direction to support the recovery of your business. There is a comfort that comes with working from home and as such, efficiencies may increase with staff being in a familiar surrounding with access to your internal network allowing the completion of tasks at home.

Whilst the benefits of working from home are apparent, there will come a time when there is no other option but to come into the workplace and despite your views on whether this is good or bad, safety should be at the top of everybody’s checklist when doing so. Aside from restricting access to sections of the workplace to only those who require entry, this wouldn’t stop an employee with symptoms entering the workplace. This is why Thermal Body Cameras are the best option to support your business recovery. Not only does this technology track who is entering and at what time, but it also rejects those registering an unsafe temperature, preventing them from entering the workplace and spreading infection to the rest of your team.

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