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Integration with Track and Trace – Thermal Camera Solutions

Our unique thermal camera automatically checks the temperature of anyone entering your workplace. It is quick elegant and easy to use. Click here to watch our video.

One of the ways that Thermal Camera Solutions is able to meet your business needs is by offering a wide range of innovative Thermal Cameras that meet a variety of different scenarios your business may face. Integrating our technology with track and trace software is the latest effort by Thermal Camera Solutions to ensure that innovation is at the very core of what we aim to achieve as a business and this ensures that our technology remains at the very top of the market.

Track and trace means that anyone who is scanned to have an elevated temperature (where the temperature is higher than the established healthy boundaries in the software) will firstly, be denied access into the facility and secondly be told that they will have to isolate at home for up to 2 weeks. Using the database of employees at your place of work with the potential to include customers and clients too, our automated system would tell you immediately if you would be required to isolate.

With the release of the government-backed track and trace app which aims to achieve the same positive outcomes as us, we hope to incorporate some of the same principles into our technology as soon as possible to help protect you and your workplace.

Innovation is at the core of our business and constantly researching and developing new ideas and technology keeps Thermal Camera Solutions leading the way.

Superfast. Elegant. Effective. Easy to use.

To enquire about pricing or to book a demo and free trial of The Body Thermal Camera please call me, Simon Pritchard on 01483 866066 or email simon.pritchard@solutions.co.uk