Rent or buy our unique thermal body temperature monitoring, access control and customer flow management systems.

Flexible purchase options – rent

At Thermal Camera Solutions, we have flexible purchase options. You can rent or buy one of our cameras. Our systems come fully configured, with all the accessories, set-up, installed and ready to go. Above all, if there is ever a problem, we will support you, manage and maintain it. You’ll never need to worry, we’ll take responsibility for everything.

Why would you want to a rent thermal camera?

If you are organising an event/concert or gathering we advise renting one of our body temperature cameras. They are very beneficial for one-off or short-term events. One of our clients, Battersea Power Station rented one of our cameras at their open-air cinema. Read more here. The project was a great success, customers felt reassured that Battersea was looking out for their health and safety. In addition, their customers found the temperature testing experience enjoyable. There were smiles all around.

Temperature Monitoring Cameras – Benefits

Renting is a short-term solution for your temperature monitoring. If you need a more long-term solution then check out our buy options. Aside from flexible purchase options, our temperature detection cameras have other benefits too:


Reduce the risk of infection




Enforce regulations (face mask detection)


Simplify current processes


Encourage business