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Should you return to work? And are you ready?

Whether you are an ardent supporter of Boris Johnson’s government or its most outspoken critic there is one aspect of the government’s COVID-19 response that all can agree on, and that is the messaging to the public being at times…mixed.

Whether this has been advocating 250-mile trips in order to test eyesight or being fined up to £10,000 for hosting a gathering of 30 people (as of September 14th) the signals shown by the government have been confusing, though all aimed toward one thing: public safety.

The government is keen to get the economy back on track and it’s clear to see why with the FTSE250 and FTSE100 both struggling to show any signs of growth and a return to pre-COVID levels, but that’s not to say the economy is doing badly, it’s just stuck. A return to the workplace would greatly help the recovery the government is hoping for and that’s exactly why the furlough scheme is coming to an end.

However, there are obvious safety problems within this objective that are seemingly being overlooked. Those commuting to London know how busy the trains can get so from this perspective a return to work is just not realistic if you want to also keep the number of cases down.

Along with this, the encouragement to “Eat Out to Help Out” has only made the cases rise in recent weeks and while some may bemoan this as a simple flu, it is still something people are trying to avoid catching.


This is why from offices to restaurants, our customers are telling us how using our Temperature Monitoring Thermal Camera is so very helpful in instilling a sense of protection and safety amongst employees and customers. This technology is a great asset in your arsenal of COVID prevention strategies, having the potential to help prevent countless avoidable infections.

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