Turnstile Cameras – The Benefits

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Turnstile Cameras – The Benefits

Turnstile cameras. A convenient, fast, time-saving solution for temperature monitoring.

Here at Thermal Camera Solutions, we offer a variety of products. Turnstile cameras being one of our popular options for shopping malls, football stadiums and theatres.

How does a thermal imaging turnstile camera work?

It’s easy. Our temperature monitoring cameras can detect an elevated body temperature instantly. When an individual stands in front of one of our cameras, their temperature will automatically be taken. If a normal body temperature is detected, access will be granted. However, if a temperature exceeds 37.8 degrees then access will be denied and an audio and visual alarm will be triggered. In addition, a notification will be sent to the administrator and results will be uploaded to an online portal.

Ideal location

The ideal location for a temperature detection camera is at the entrance and reception area of a building, for instance. Placing it here, will allow you to gain more control of your customers/visitors. As a result, increasing their safety and your staffs.

Facial recognition, membership schemes & additional features

Our turnstile cameras have facial recognition, door access and mask detection integration available. This can help with both security and enforcing regulations. Alongside this, we can integrate with membership schemes, making our cameras particularly useful for gyms/football stadiums, when they re-open.


So, we have spoken about how, but what about why? Our cameras are automatic, contactless and can do everything for you – saving you and your staff extra work. They can handle large groups in one go and speed up the process of allowing people access. As a result, you will no longer need to employ someone with a temperature gun to scan everyone. Our temperature detection cameras can do this for you.

Furthermore, body temperature screening can reduce the risk of an outbreak and help you put health and safety precautions in place to protect your visitors/customers. It is only natural for people to be wary, anxious, or sceptical about going out after a long lockdown. Our cameras will show your commitment to your staff and customer’s safety. Encouraging and reassuring their return.

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